Our Differentiators

Cognivas’ real focus is on data analytics. It recognises that the true value, or the ‘oil’, is the data and Cognivas is fast becoming a recognized analytics solution provider using a variety of on-site video and data feeds to understand, predict and impact customer activity and enable strategy alignment.
Face recognition and related video analytic solutions are increasingly becoming more mainstream, even commoditized.
Competitor solution sets typically do not go beyond data provision, and are limited to “single source” data inputs.
On the international front, face recognition is primarily focused on security, border control and terror watch.
We understand that this technology cannot be limited to one vertical.
Our focus is on increasing our customers’ profits by providing cutting edge analytic solutions to measure, understand, predict and monitor customer behaviour (profiling) in different bricks and mortar environments.
We enrich our datasets by including additional data sources – to understand what macro- and/or micro- events cause changes in customer behaviour.
Our goal for our clients is finding and understanding what creates the ‘perfect storm’?
Our machine learning, modelling tools and data scientists find the ‘bumps’ or linkages in the data that impact the most, enabling clients to plan accordingly. And make more money.
As such we offer the best of both worlds: we can service customers who only require face recognition and related solutions (and not the analytics), those customers who want both, and even customers who already have solutions in place but require the analytical know- how that we can provide.


  • Proactive
  • Relentless
  • Accurate
  • Preventative
  • Automated Triggers
  • Massive databases
  • Likeanelephant–itneverforgets!
  • Rendezvous
  • “Completeaface”