About Us

Cognivas is an exciting, innovative and dynamic provider of unique Computer Vision Solutions, utilizing the most advanced algorithms globally.

Big Data. Deep Learning. Smart Security. Artificial Intelligence. At Cognivas, we offer a full range of Facial Detection, Recognition and Tracking solutions.

Be it Facial Recognition, Object Recognition, Sentiment Detection, Intelligent People Counting, Vehicle Counting or Heat Mapping Solutions, we have an option for you. Using Computer Vision Analytics, Cognivas takes monitoring people to new heights. Your customer is no longer just a number, your customer now has a face. We provide big data on customers that has never before been available.

With a visual "Foot Counter" that never counts the same face twice, and can even exclude staff from customer counts, our solution is one of the most accurate available. Cognivas makes use of video analytics to build deep learning Business Intelligence.

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What some of our clients are saying...

“Cognivas’ solution has delivered business intelligence far beyond any of our expectations...” - Hospitality Sector Client

“This is the coolest, most cost-efficient solution we’ve seen ...” - Tele-communications Sector Client

“The Facial Recognition system deployed in conjunction with the heat mapping, has provided us with never seen before real time insight into our branches, customer wait times, and actual customer experience management. Best of all we can trigger responses in real time when known faces are identified ...” - Banking Sector Client